A Reflection of my First Year at High School

So freshman year kinda went a little like this...

Hey You in the Nice Looking Shirt!

I got your attention didn't I? But maybe you're wearing a dress? In that case, you look lovely in that dress. So for those of you new here *cough*[the ones who are only commenting to promote themselves (I do it too)] you probably didn't notice the change in my blog appearance. Also you have to be in the computer version, so toss your phone away and grab your computer.
Note: If you're here thinking that I will be talking about fashion, you're wrong. You could keep reading if you like to improve your blog like I did.

First Post of 2016: Winter Haul

Hi everyone! Happy new year and happy 60th blog post! I have a haul for all of you today. I have taken quite a break from my successful blogmas. Thank you to everyone who has read and commented, it really made me smile!
I got everything here from Zara, and this is what I have acquired after two trips. The first trip is from all the way back in November during Thanksgiving break at Taiwan and the most recent one is two weeks ago where I live. Also, none of these items are on the ZARA website, but they are having a huge sale right now so I think you should definitely check it out!

And the background is my Martha Stewart bedding I got at Macy's :)

Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all of you had a fabulous day and got what you wanted! Thank you so much to everyone who has came along for my crazy blogmas posts. It has been rough at times, but I found so much happiness in blogging because I literally have no life and nobody to be social with, so I come here! I'm going to continue blogging until the end of this month because why not? Again, no one is going to text me to hang out or anything. I also have to figure out something in my blog's html because there is a bug somewhere, gah.

UPDATE 12/26/15
I am not blogging every day to the end of the month, but expect a haul very soon!!