A Reflection of my First Year at High School

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So freshman year kinda went a little like this...

This may or may not been the longest break I have ever had on this blog. Will I blog everyday? Likely because I have no homework left to do, except for summer readings... So blogging will be my official thing I want to do and become productive at, seriously. 

Start of First Semester:

  • Pfttt, this is going to be easy. I know all of this stuff! And new notebooks and pens and pencils, everything is so fresh.
  • Learns the "be" song. Whole life is change and now I cringe at every be verb I use thanks to my English class. Math is way too easy. Too many notes and flashcards to do for AP Human Geography. Why do we have to run the mile for Gym?
  • Golf. Everyday. Extremely fun. Extremely tiring.
  • Elected Treasurer for Freshman Class.
    • am be is are was and were, was and were, was and were, am be is are was and were, been and being (to the tune of London Bridge)
  • Can't. Repeat. Any. Outfits. Must. Look. Amazing. ALL. The. Time. Achieve this by planning out outfits in planner and taking them out of the closet the night before.
  • Wow, how do I talk to all these people I now have no connections to whatsoever?

Middle of First Semester:
  • Wow. This is... okay. I can do this. Power through Annie. Live up to your expectations and everyone else's.
  • Struggles with writing essays. Manages to get the lowest grade imagined, in my head, not on the scale.
  • Wow! No more golf! What am I going to do with all this time? Procrastinate some more and sit around and do nothing.
  • Goes ILMEA. Even though I did not want to, the music was pretty fun. Friends? ALmost nonexistent and I basically knew no one there. Fun.
  • Starts to repeat outfits. Stares at closet every morning. Doesn't know what to wear. Extremely sad. 
  • Drops all the people that make me unhappy. Better sleep. More happiness.
    • Life lesson for all of you out there. If there is anyone, anyone who keeps you up at night, unfollow, drop, and detach.

End of  First Semester:
  • Okay. I'm dying. I have to write a blog. Every. Single. Day. Annie, you imposed this on yourself, you did this. Why? Bad idea. You are sleep deprived.
  • Essays are going mildly well, considering the fact that I have learned so much from a friend of mine who helps me a ton.
  • Still cares about how I look. Still repeating outfits.
  • Starts training for the upcoming badminton season. Why am I so out of shape? I hurt everywhere.
  • Stresses about finals like a typical high schooler. Tries to balance studying, homework, and blogging. I still don't know how I did it.
    • Well maybe it was because I had an outlet to rant. I could just type away. But that consumes a lot of my time.
Beginning of Second Semester:
  • Wow. We're half way there. Let me just write a bunch of quotes on sticky notes and see if that'll get me through the year. The more motivation the better right? We got this. Second Semester is going to be way better than the first,
  • Rocking the essays. Math is getting frustrating. It's hard to stay awake in class. Too many notes and flashcards. Taking Health for second semester. I have no friends. Who do I talk to? This is going to be awkward.
  • Every class is going how I like it. All grades are living up to my expectations. This semester is going to go GREAT!
  • I have all the time in the world! Look at my cute bullet journal, it's all decorated and I have everything planned out! What a great life!
Middle of Second Semester:
  • Almost there. Almost finished.
  • Gets sick the week before spring break. Sick during spring break. No vacation. No fun. Watches YouTube and doesn't get any homework done.
    • Had to audition for next year band placement with no lung capacity. Sounds like I'm dying. I swear I could play better. Oh well.
    • I literally forgot what it was like to be healthy and be able to breathe.
  • So much badminton. No time to do homework. Goes to sleep way too late and doesn't get enough sleep. Has pit orchestra. Even less time to do stuff.
    • This was the most stressful time. I would usually not be able to go home until 9. 
  • Grades are taking a turn. Time to start panicking. Looks at motivation quotes with sorrow, knowing that they can't even help me.
End of Second Semester:
  • Has a breakdown in the head everyday. Doesn't know what to do. Sits at desk thinking about how much stuff I have to do without even doing it.
  • No more badminton, no more pit orchestra. Yet I still go to sleep at the same time because too many YouTube videos to watch.
  • Uses Rogerhub final grade calculator everyday even though it will help me go nowhere.
  • Finals are here and I panic. First day: Okay, I'm still holding an A in every class. This is okay. I'm okay. Second Day: Still have an A. AND I PASSED WITH AN A IN EVERY CLASS!
    • This was really hard for me honestly. My grades were slipping and I was worrying everyday about my GPA and how I would fail life if I didn't have an A in every class. I won't fail life though, I would only fail myself.

No, you're not going to fail life. Friends don't matter as much as your grades. I had no social life and would go home to do homework and I turned out okay. Work hard in the beginning of the semester. Work hard in the middle of the semester. Work hard at the end. Always work hard. Don't do too much all at once. If you're good at everything, you'll never be great at one thing. Be nice to your teachers, it pays off. Turn in your homework, it pays off. Stay determined. Think of your goals. Take a deep breath.

Side note: I can tell you that I did not cry at all. I may have said I was going to cry because of all the work I have, but I never did. Sure I was under a lot of stress, but I never broke out in tears. There are better things to cry about than high school.


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Carmen Varner
May 25, 2016 at 2:40 PM delete

Man, when I went to high school even the popular girls were just wearing jeans & t-shirts. I see the kids now & they're all dolled up! Times have changed. :]

// ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

Annie Wu
May 25, 2016 at 10:52 PM delete

Thanks for commenting Carmen! It's a little bit of both to be honest.

Lilliana Hill
May 30, 2016 at 11:28 AM delete

I just finished my freshman year too, so I can totally relate! Amazing job girl!