This Week at Summer Camp

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Though I went to camp, I was able to still make a post for this week because of my new schedule! I had lots of fun at the summer camp and also did a bunch of doodling as well. So I will show you what I made this week. This isn't an art camp by the way. It's a math and science camp. 

There is a plastic covering over a paper name tag here. The way it is colored is by using shaving cream and butting watercolor on it. You then mix it so it looks tie dye. You put the piece of paper on the shaving cream and then take it off. And after that you take a window squeegee thing and wipe the shaving cream off. It will be wet so you have to wait for it to dry. The lines were created by tracing the tie dye lines with the sharpies. It looks like graffiti to me. 
Here is a website that explains it if you don't understand my instructions. 

This a really basic design. You just make a bunch of circles and then lines. I had lots of fun making this doodle. It also turns out really pretty and it is hanging in my bedroom now. It would be even better if you made many of these so that they would all connect!

This one started out to be very easy for me. I was in science class and doodling. So it says science if anyone was wondering what it says. I learned how to write the font from It is a studyblr and probably one of my favorites. After that it got hard because I had to think of different things to doodle and that is what I struggle with the most. 

The lanyard here was made by my coloring on it with sharpies. Originally, the lanyard was white and looking a bit drab. So I upcycled it as many would say.

I hope everyone enjoyed this art/Pinterest type of post. This could inspire many of you to decorate some of your stuff with Sharpies or even the shaving cream technique! Have fun!