California Travel Diary

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☼☼☼First vacation of the summer!☼☼☼

Here are some of my favorite pictures taken on the trip. There is food, me, buildings, and just random things.


 Sandra Bullock 

 Mary Kate & Ashley Olson

 Hollywood Sign 

 Going Back Home


Some of these pictures are taken by either me or my dad. The things used to capture these pictures were either the Canon EOS 70D or the IPhone 6.


I got my haircut! You can see from the pictures that I've taken from California. I really like it and my hair also goes up in a ponytail really well. I also keep touching it a lot to feel for hair that is not there.
The haircut also took some years off of me, so now I look like I'm 11. Oh well.
If you are new to this blog, go check out my previous post to see what my hair used to look like here.

"Just keep touching it." -Grace Helbig

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Have any of you been to Los Angeles or even California? Let me know and share your experience with me. I would love to hear some stories in the comments section. Or we can just chat. Do whatever you want. Adios!


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Nice Inspirations

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Sorry, but I can't read the language on your blog... Is it Deustch?