The Short Hair Trend of 2015

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Whether you see it in the magazines, or maybe it is just flooding the heads on your magazines, short hair is coming for you. I have recently seen many of my favorite celebrities chopping off their locks and as well as my peers. This makes me want to think, "Should I do it too?" But I have been trying to grow my hair out, since long hair was so popular last year. 
But when I think about it, if short hair is the trend now, then next year it would be medium length hair right? Once everyone's hair grows out. It would be medium length. Then that would go on a trend. After a year of medium length, then it would go to long hair again... Right? It does make some sort of logical sense.

But I was looking at my hair in the mirror this morning and contemplating whether or not I should get my hair cut. I took my hand and moved it up and down on my hair. Then I got memories from 5th grade, when I got a pretty short hair cut, medium, but still. My hair is getting pretty matte at the ends. It isn't soft looking, or flowy either. The only way I can get it like that is when I put tons of de-frizzing products on it, which I really don't have time for. 

I will think about it. But when I want short hair, I also want some layers too. Though I'm actually nervous about putting my hair up when I go to the gym, and it not being able to hold all the way up.

Also another thing is that whenever I wake up with my hair now, it goes all over the place. If I do cut my hair, I really don't want to spend time straightening it every single day.