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Are you going somewhere this summer? Because I already have and there are more trips to come in these upcoming months. But this weekend, I'm going to a summer music camp, different than the one in this blog post. But anyway, we all know the dreadful (or exciting) thing we have to do before we go and have fun: pack your suitcase. I don't know about you, but I usually bring a big suitcase and a bag and a backpack if I'm going on very long trips, which isn't quite often. This summer camp is a week long, so that means packing for a week long of outfits, snacks, and other neccesities to last me the week. You would think that that would mean just randomly throwing in random clothes right?

Nope. I am extremely OCD about packing if that makes sense. I need everything orderly and compact so that my suitcase can fit even more stuff if I need it. I usually bring more clothes than I really need so that if I have any second thoughts, I have more combinations of outfits depending on my weather or mood.

I also have this thing where I sometimes pack more beauty supplies than I need and as well as not enough to get me through. Like I can have a big makeup bag jammed full of stuff, and half of it I won't even use. But then there will be some trips where I pack stuff that can be counted on my fingers. I feel like for this trip though, I have to pack more than I need because it is a somewhat long trip. Overall, I will probably be packing more than I need.

And since it is camp, let's talk camp packing too! Why not? On the packing supply list, it said I need a shower caddy... I hate those things. They are terrible and I feel like they just ruin my life. I have used them several times and nothing fits! I know it is what you need for college, but someone seriously needs to invent a better way to carry your toiletries to a public shower. I'm just saying. If anyone has experienced bad shower caddies like me, please let me know so we can have a club. 

My packet from the camp has a packing supply list, like I said. But I really don't like it. I'm just not liking anything at this point basically. Anyways, I just wrote down what I need in my bullet journal. If you don't know what that is, click here to learn more about it, because I did a post a while ago on it. So I just wrote down a page with EVERYTHING I needed. Why not? 

What else? I also need food. Like chips. But I might bring some healthy things, because I'm trying to stay in shape, so yeah. But candy, m&ms, chocolate or anything candy. I love candy on trips. Especially gummy bears. 

That's basically it. But if you want more on the trip, go check out my twitter on Sunday through Saturday next week, because I will be constantly updating. And also if you instant updates, follow me of course! You can do it on the sidebar or click here to get to my profile page.

Thanks for reading and if you learned anything from this post, congratulations! 


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Love this post