Old and Embarassing Pictures: Transformation Tuesday

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What's a better way to embarrass yourself than put pictures of your younger self online? These aren't the worst pictures I have, and in fact, some of them I actually like. Enjoy yourselves by looking at these, and maybe they will make your day.

I actually somehow like this picture. This was at the Christkindlmarket in Chicago 2 years ago, I was eating these delicious chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick. Good memories.

This was me before I went to a summer music camp. I used to like this picture but all this says now is that I wanted to pursue my dreams as a model. Cue the hand on the hip and over the shoulder look...

This was also before the summer camp. I'm pretty sure I edited this picture so my teeth could look SUPER white.

The teeth in this picture, yikes. Did I ever know how to photoshop naturally?

Okay, first of all, I love this picture. Another one of those pictures where I wanted to pursue a modeling career of some sort. I always thought this picture could be used for an Abercrombie advertisement, since I was wearing everything from that store that day.

This picture is interesting. I liked how my eyes were different colors. but my eyebrows are a disaster.

Holy guacamole. This is an example of what NOT to do when using Perfect365. What is this even. First of all, my face is like undeniably soft looking. My nose is super contoured. This picture is a disaster. Probably the worst out of all of these.

This was my first grade halloween parade. I absolutely despised this costume and it was supposed to be that on white cat from Aristocrats. This costume was also my mom's way of keeping me warm in "cold" weather. As you can also see the extra warm clothing underneath. 

Here are some more recent pictures of myself. Compare all you want, but I am looking way better in these pictures. Maybe in a year or so I'll do another one of these and I take these pictures out and say how lovely I look...


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Izzy K
June 9, 2015 at 1:26 PM delete

These photos really are just too cute! These are much nicer than any of my photos from when I was younger- I was way too unphotogenic lol xxx


Annie Wu
June 9, 2015 at 1:39 PM delete

That's really funny because I used to be like that. I've gotten way better though.