2015 Summer Fashion Trends

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This is what I have gathered from all the different blogs I have read and multiple pictures I have seen. It is also based off of what I think will start trending. Enjoy!
1. Gingham Print

This print has been popping up everywhere on the spring runways. The reason I say it will become popular over spring break is because it is still getting onto the racks of stores. It will soon spread like wildfire once the fire starts to catch. Expect it to be worn a lot over summer break.

2. Espadrilles

These will for sure be a must for the summer. I have never liked these personally, since my mom got a pair of Tory Burch ones last year. I always thought they were the ugly versions of Toms. But if you are a Toms addict like me, they also sell Toms in a espadilles style. (:

3. Shortalls

I have been seeing these more often being worn as the weather gradually changes here. It is basically the same as overalls, like I have mentioned before.

4. Half-up, Half-down hairstyles

I have had a bad experience with this hair style back in first grade. It made my head look really big. But, they are trending this time of year. I think it might have started with Ariana Grande.

5. Denim on Denim

Everyone would cringe seeing denim on denim in the past. But the rules don't apply anymore. It is most definitely a trend for this season.

6. The Little White Dress

Forget the little black dress. Try the little white dress! This is perfect for summer. It gives the nice effect of light, dainty and flowy. This is a must for the summer dresses you plan to buy this year.

7. Jumpsuits

I'm not a big fan of this style. To have a jumpsuit to fit you, you need to consider two sizes. The torso and the legs. A typical size small jumpsuit may fit your torso, but the pant legs may be too long. #disappointment

8. The Bold Red

This is probably one of the favorite colors that will happen in this season. From bold red clothing to red shoes to the classic red lip. Consider having something red for this summer, if you want to stand out.

That's it! Thanks for reading to the bottom! If you did, comment "I love summer!" 



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