My Ways to Fall Asleep Quickly

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As you may or may not know, I can't fall asleep that well. I usually stay awake over thinking about something on my mind. Then my mind goes on a loophole going from one subject to another in five seconds. I sometimes have different ways to help with this, so I will share them with you today.

Think of colors

This is a really good way to not think about things at night because you are too busy focused on a color. I never saw this anywhere and I made this up to help me. I think of a color first in my head, usually blue. I picture this solid color and it is all in my mind. Then I chant the word blue in my head. I also have this thing where I can think about two things at once. So right when I'm thinking about blue, my mind can still think of another thing. If you are like that, keep reading. So I think about another color, which is usually red. I think about blue and red but never at the same time. My mind usually runs on two separate tracks. As I am so caught up in the process, I just fall asleep. It really works.

Go to sleep late

This is probably the worse idea ever, but it works. When I'm not busy doing homework or other stuff, I would go to bed around 9, but when I am busy, I go to bed a little after 10. I still think, but not that much. The side effect of this is bags under your eyes. I really need to work on that.

Read before sleeping

I really like doing this because you fall asleep thinking about your book. It also calms yourself. I like reading in my bed because I can just set it on my nightstand once I'm done. 

This is it for today, thanks for reading...