First Haul for the Season: Shopping on Mother's Day

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I can finally show you a haul post! Yesterday, I went to the Chicago Premium Outlets because I need new exercising shorts for the gym and for golf. I got these pair of spandex Under Armour Shorts that were on the sales rack (Picture 12). Along with that, I got a fabric headband (not pictured here). I always struggle with finding a headband that will stay on my head. I think the one I got will work hopefully.

Today, I went to the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, DSW and DICKS. The first store I went to was Nordstrom, to look at the shoes. I have been dying to get a nice pair of Birkenstock, but sadly, I still don't have a pair. The idea in mind was to find a pair of heels for the Eighth Grade Formal Dance, but unfortunately, we didn't find any.
Out of Nordstrom and into American Eagle. I got a pair of army green shorts (Picture 3 & 4). I really like the color of these shorts and I have another pair in the same style in white when I went shopping last month. The quality of the fabric is soft which makes them very comfortable to sit in.

After that, I went to Gap. Never in my life have I ever own capri yoga pants (Picture 11), which is a shocker.  I think they are perfect if you aren't in the mood to wear shorts and it's too hot to wear yoga pants. Again, I found some on sale and another cute t-shirt as well (Picture 9 & 10). I had to buy them obviously. I can't seem to find both of them online. 
I did shop at other stores, but didn't seem to find anything that looked appealing to me. 

Right after that, I went back to Nordstrom again. I got onto the upper level because of my previous shopping. I was just casually browsing in the Topshop section of the store and also part of the juniors' department. I spotted a really cute top that was in a tropical print, but it was $84. Cute, but no thanks. Then I saw a midi dress that was on the final few rack. This means that it is really popular, but now there is only a few or less in the product. But it doesn't mean that it is on sale. So I found this dress that was in my size, it was the last one, and tried it on. It was perfect. This is another dress to add on to the list of possibilities of outfits to wear to 8th Grade Graduation. If only the school had outfit changes every 30 minutes or something...

Heel shopping time! DSW was definitely the way to go. I am wearing a navy blue satin dress with a diamond embedded strip around the waist to Formal. Finding heels that match the color of the dress is nearly impossible and wearing black heels is just weird. Why not go with nude heels (Picture 7 & 8)? I found a pair of somewhat comfortable heels with a heel length that my mom thought was "appropriate". The heels aren't that skinny either, so I guess there will probably be less accidents. 

I left DSW and headed to DICKS. I started looking for a pair of golf shoes since Friday, but haven't had the chance to get to DICKS yet. In mind, I pictured Nike golf shoes, because I'm a Nike type of girl. And I got them (Picture 5 & 6)!! They are comfortable with padding around the ankle. They're white, so eventually they will get dirty. Once my feet grows though, I will have to get new ones, even though these are still a little big on me (size 8).

Lastly, the sweatshirt (Picture 13). These were online ordered and came sometime during this week. They feel super soft and comfy. I still need to get them washed so I can wear them on a chillier day. They are by the brand Uniqlo. I went to Japan last year and went to a couple of their stores while on my trip. I didn't think to much of their clothing because it was mostly basics and very practical clothing. They didn't have much that looked like something I would wear. But, they were having a huge sale online a week or two ago, so I ordered a sweatshirt. I actually might not even wear it until autumn, but who knows?

I took more pictures this time! I like taking pictures more than finding the pictures online. I will have to do it more often, probably every blog post from now on!

Thanks for reading, if you read all the way to the bottom.