The New System- Bullet Journal

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I came across this system of getting your stuff in check while roaming around on the internet. I stumbled onto this Tumblr page called: Pens&Machine. I kept on scrolling and scrolling through all these posts that had all these AMAZING notes taken from lectures. Some of the things I saw were goals, actual goals for school. Then I HAD to make an account to follow this whole community of people who basically do the same thing. They are called Studyblr. I was honestly obsessed. Then I came across planneraddicts. A whole new world omigosh. The planners they have there are absolutely stunning. Again, actual goals.

While browsing and looking through everything on Tumblr, a thing called "Bullet Journal" came up many times. I googled it because wanted to see what it was. This is the official website if you want to try it out like me! Go click the link before you keep reading, because nothing will make sense to you. Do it now. I recommend watching the video.

Did you finish? Okay. So you need a clean and blank unused notebook thing, like a Moleskine. Well first of all I don't have a Moleskine or a clean and unused notebook. But I do have a used and pretty clean notebook. And it is a leathery feel! I got it last year to write all about gossip and stuff. I only used 20 pages of it or so. 20 PAGES OF GOSSIP! I decided to cut all the pages out so I can use it for a new purpose. It doesn't look too bad in my opinion. Somewhat new...

The Remains

The pages of gossip. This was really hard to take a picture of because I didn't want anyone to see what was on the pages.

What I'm usually writing with. The Sharpies bleed through though.

 The second page after the index. 

I put in these 3 glasses of water to remind myself to drink three bottles of water everyday. I'm working on it.

I have tried many times to use some sort of planning system and it never worked out. I am super confident in this one!!