I Tell You ALL My Shopping Secrets

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I haven't been on a serious shopping trip for a long time, which is honestly scary. I need some retail therapy. So in remembrance of my previous shopping days, I will talk about my favorite stores.


This is by far my favorite store at this moment. Zara has extremely in style clothes. And on the plus side, they have extremely cheap clothes. But it is only if you buy the Zara clothes from the Trafaluc side. They have really cute pullover sweaters and it is a really good place to shop if you like graphics on your clothes. 

Urban Outfitters

This is the only Urban Outfitters I ever go to. Sometimes, I can never find anything there that would suit my style. If you dress boho chic or sort of hippy, I think this may be the store for you. The only things I have ever got there was a really nice leather jacket and a cardigan which is super cute. The cardigan was the last one there and so was the leather jacket. I tried to find something on the internet but nothing is there. The cardigan brand is Ecote at Urban Outfitters and the leather jacket is Members Only at Urban Outfitters. A few months ago I checked the leather jacket and it was listed as the brand: Silence. I think they just messed up.


Aritzia. Is. Amazing. The store is amazing. Their storefronts are spectacular. The quality of the clothes are heaven worthy. And the shopping bags are beautiful. One downside, the clothes are over the top expensive. I am very willing to buy whatever looks cute there, which is everything, but my mom is not that willing to fork over the cash/card. 

This is probably the most expensive article of clothing that I have ever had, and that is saying a lot. It is really warm and has complete fur lining on the inside. It doesn't stop at half, but it is all the way. I love it so much. It is summer here and I'm talking about winter coats...
I also got a nice beanie there and two pairs of socks. Also, a shirt.

Along with those three stores, I shop at Hollister. Which is really cliche. I only go there once every three times after I shop at the above stores. I just feel like they are really over worn and don't really show what is really trending/ fashionable at the moment. That goes with Abercrombie as well. I haven't gotten anything there, or even been in there since Black Friday. I'm not exaggerating. And even then, I got a pair of sweatpants. 
The other store I go to sometimes is LOFT. My friend tells me that it is a store for old people, but I like it. It has some really practical clothing and has a lot of basics that can be incorporated in your daily life so it doesn't look like it is from there. I like it very much.

I decided to try out my dad's camera today, so I took a picture of me in the LOFT dress mentioned in an earlier post. Blurry and glum.