Don't Shart with this Trip...

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This trip was sososo fun. There was lots of bonding and lots of catching up. I usually don't have cell phone on me, but my mom gave me hers for the trip. I did A LOT of texting to people I don't normally text on a monthly/yearly basis. 

More than 1000 page views! WOWZERS! I also found out more people know about this blog than I thought during this trip, thanks Google+

2015 St Louis Band Trip

 A desperate attempt to capture The Arch. Even though I've been here before.

Another desperate attempt that failed itself with window glare.

Wearing basically the same shoes is bonding time. Definitely.

With Sophie on the bus on the way back home.

Outside Mr. Freeze on the bench

I took this picture when I finished my root beer I had originally. This cup is no refills. But I was so thirsty and they over charged me for a "large" cup. It something over $4. I snuck back into the bar/restaurant. Head down and sunglasses on. I refilled my drink and walked out. So smooth. Please don't arrest a dehydrated girl.

Anthony and Nick

One word: Dope. I had no choice to put this on here.
Also with the title: Long story shart, somebody sharted their pants. End of story.

Music in the Parks Awards ceremony.
Here are some of the trophies. There were more, but they weren't put out yet. Out of all of these, we won one first place trophy in the Concert Band division. 

Group bonding time. I bet all of you will hate me for this picture. I should of asked permission... It was the best out of the three of them (:

In the bathroom desperately trying to charge the phone. It was at 10%. I also went so far to charge it outside the rest stop. This makes me somehow relatable?