10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

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I like doing these facts with pictures. They're really fun. This week, we have 10 THINGS YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ME! Let's do thisss.

1. I currently don't have an Instagram

Long story. But there are actually positive things about this. After a few weeks of not having it, I realized one thing. Everyone basically uses their Instagram to self promote themselves. You are probably guilty of taking a picture of your food and then realizing that a little piece of something is not in the right place, so you readjust and retake. That is absolutely crazy. Who read adjusts their food? The negative is that I feel really out of the loop of everything. But that's okay. I also can't Instagram stalk people now. 

2. I think too much at night

I don't know if this is called insomnia or something, but I can never go to sleep right away. Whenever I go to bed, my mind is on a loop and I think constantly about nonsense. And then when I have a super important thing the next day, I can't stop thinking about it. If that event is super super super important, then there is a chance that I will be up thinking about it until 2 am or so. I have a serious problem. Someone please support me and send me to the Edward  Sleep Center.

3. I had a hired nanny to look after me when I was a baby?

I have no idea if this is true or not. But when I was in China when I was a baby (I WAS NOT BORN IN CHINA), apparently my mom had a nanny take care of me. When I found out, I thought I was so special. Wow. If there is anyway scientists can take my memory from when I was a baby, I would let them do it, because I'm generally curious.

4. I had "speech problems"

When I went into kindergarten, my mom thought I would have trouble speaking in English because we spoke Chinese at home all the time. She told my teacher that I would need to go to speech therapy or whatever they call it when they pull people out of school to help with their English. Well it turns out I definitely have no trouble because once the first quarter was over, this was on my report cards' comment section. "Annie needs to learn how to control her talking. She talks too much in class." This continued on until around first grade, when the comments stopped. I still talk too much in class though.

5. I still say "play"

Have you seen Diary of a Wimpy Kid, where Greg said that saying "play" isn't cool? And you have to say "hang out"? Yeah I don't do that. Whenever I call my friend, I always ask her if she wants to play. Saying hanging out is weird. It's like you're applying that playing isn't cool. And actually don't hang out with my friend, we're actually playing. So there you go.

6. My hair is BROWN

Most people say that my hair is black. I like to say my hair is brown. When the sun is in my hair, it turns brown. So technically my hair isn't jet black. It's brown. Yo tengo pelo marrones. (Don't ask what I'm doing in this picture, because I don't even remember.)

7. I can play the ukelele

I had the undesired need to get an ukelele when i went to Hawaii. I think it was just the whole vibe of being there. I got a ukelele and looked up some YouTube videos. I you ever get to hear me play, I can only sing and play "Somewhere over the Rainbow". I know most of the lyrics. When we were at the airport, I put a box out and started singing. I wanted to see if I would get any money. I didn't. Tough life.

8. I've made a lei (This is getting Hawaii themed, I know)

Nice and golden... Okay anyways, I have made a lei before!! It was on the day we were going to leave. And 5 hours later, the lei became a sad droopy bunch of flowers. Yes, I brought it on the airplane and all the way to Illinois. What a tourist.

9. I learned who Jesus was in 1st grade

In first grade, I got pneumonia and went to the hospital. There was a little TV perched on the wall in the room. So one night, I was casually browsing the channels while lying in the hospital bed. Then I came across this cartoon of how Jesus came to be and stuff like that. I was so amused that I still remember vividly of that day. Fun times.

10. I hate my sneezes

I sneeze really weirdly. But in reality, what sneeze is normal? Whenever I sneeze, people are like, "Was that a cough?" I'm like, SORRY! 

This took me a long time. If there is anything you want to know more about me, please comment below. Also, what is something people generally don't know about you?



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But you have little adorable sneezes :)