You Have to Start with Something Right?

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Something Right? 
This is officially the first post of the blog: Mixing Sugar and Salt. This blog started because of a project that needed to be done for school. I just wanted to make a blog because I thought it would be fun and stuff.

The reason behind the name: Well, you see, the original name of the blog was going to be "A Touch of Sugar", which I think is a pretty cool name for a blog. But of all things, it has been taken. Thanks person who took the title already! I still wanted to incorporate sugar in my title, so after thinking about it for a while, I made a decision on what I have now. The sugar is all the good stuff that will happen, so it's pretty sweet. Like how the overall surface is looking pretty fabulous right now. And the salt is all the things that could go wrong. Like messed up looking parts or blogs that were not saved. Things like that.
Also, the name Mixing Sugar and Salt sounds like a cooking blog, but it is not. There could be pros to this name as well. Like if anyone asks what I'm doing, I'll say, "Making a cooking blog!"
My About Me Section: I cannot fully describe to you who I am. But, you will quickly know about me if you *subscribe and comment a lot!*☺

I have no exact schedule of posting. It may be when I feel like it, especially in the "Rants" section. This Rants section may include things that I need to Google, but probably never will.

And also just a heads up, my endings of post may be really weird and awkward. Like the one I'm going to do now.