The Debate on Overalls

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This is going to be long and extremely ranty, I can feel it.

So a few weeks ago or something, my classmates and I were given the project of a fashion show in spanish. We had to choose a theme and wear clothes (obviously) and have a fashion show. WELL, I wanted to wear my overalls I got a few weeks before this.
The reaction of the people were, shocked? Disgusted? Thought they were for farmers? Something along those lines. I was not a slightest bit fazed. I can wear whatever fashion I want. And, it is a fashion show for gods sake. Has anyone seen a fashion show or the pictures? Some of the fashion there is outrageous, but still pretty fashionable. Shoutout to Cara Delevingne <3<3. Overalls on the runway are pretty normal I guess you could say. I wasn't going to budge. No matter what people said about overalls. They are comfy and cute in my opinion. Somewhat sophisticated if you wear them right . Like this. SO CUTE!!
Fast forward to the day I wore them...
"Annie, I love your outfit!"
"I love your overalls!"
"Is your theme farmers?" Thanks friend. Jk I love you.
I was comfortable and trend setting, that's what I thought. THEN, fast forward to the period after spanish.
"Yeah, overalls are kind of popular now."
You see what I'm saying?? First to wear them to school and then all of a sudden they are popular? Am I a fortune teller or what? I had basically the same outfit as above. But my overalls are in a lighter wash and I didn't wear high heels. And no clutch as well.
So I'm just saying, I WORE THEM FIRST (in our school)