Adventures in Downtown w/ Sweet Delicacies

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Recently over the weekend, I went on an excursion at downtown Naperville. And for the first time, I saw the Apple Watch! It is not too bad actually. The screen is normal size, but to read texts and emails, it is pretty small. I would actually get one, if I had a phone, which I sadly STILL don't.

A little after that, I went to Anderson's Bookshop, which in my opinion, is way better than Barnes and Noble. Underneath the books, they usually have a recommendation on why the book is good and why you should read it. This is extremely helpful if you don't know what is good and what you should read. I got a book called: Welcome to the Dark House by Laurie Stolarz.

The reason I got it is because of this handy recommendation below it. It said that it is a really scary book. I have recently been reading scary books, so this is what I wanted. I don't plan on reading this right away, because I will be saving it for the bus ride to St. Louis for our band trip.

When I was shopping, I got a really cute maxi dress. It has white with black patterns on the top and black for the dress with white patterns on the bottom. I have been looking for a maxi dress to wear for the summer, so I thought this was perfect. I think I might plan on wearing it to the graduation ceremony with a denim jacket and statement necklace. 

While shopping, I went and tried some really yummy gelato. If you don't know what gelato is, it is Italian-style ice cream. At the store, it said that it is healthier than ice cream. It was also made without eggs and butter. When I tried it, I got Crema Di Biscotti, I thought the texture was smoother than actual ice cream. It was also extremely sweet. The store is called Frost. I suggest you to go and try it out, if you love ice cream.



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I love that maxi dress. look simple and cool.

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