Hurdles over CODE

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All week in Genius Hour I have been struggling with this lesson on It kept on saying that I needed to add a thumbnail, but I CLEARLY ALREADY DID.
I was so frustrated that I was honestly thinking about quitting. Quitting doesn't get you anywhere, as someone said. So I tried, looked at the Q&A forums, was tempted to submit my own question, and was extremely frustrated. I was also EXTREMELY frustrated. I tried and tried and tried. You get the point. So then I tried deleting at copying and deleting. Then finally I deleted the right thing!! I had too many </div> (code thing) and it just didn't work. And then the green Way to Go button popped up and I was extremely happy!! Frustration gone! Then I finally finish the course!! Yay! I felt extremely accomplished.

Also another thing about quitting. I was doing some math and it was just extremely FRUSTRATING you know? What a surprise. From Annie Wu. I was so done with it. Okay that's that story.

One more thing... I feel like I can't really type my blog post in Genius Hour because people will look at what I'm writing and I feel self conscious about it. I'm okay with people reading afterwards, but when I'm typing? No thanks. And the reason I feel this way is beacuse I look at other people's screens when they type... So, maybe it's just me. I don't know. That is also the reason why I haven't been posting frequently. Another reason is because the sun is shining! And the birds are chirping! A sign of summer is here!! So I go outside and "play".
Yes, I still say play. Because who says, "I'm going outside to exercise." or "Hey, I'm going to hang out with my friends." I like to say play. But I go and play with my friend after I get done with the stuff I need to do. Usually when it is cold outside, I finish everything and go on the computer and mess around with my blog. Yeah.

That's it for now. I had a lot to say.
I'm also going to write a fashion post too after I post this.