!st Rant of Forever

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I have been researching stuff about the Holocaust for school and came upon this thought. (I'm procrastinating about homework, so this is the reason I'm writing this.)
Why don't they rarely ever talk about the people that weren't in the concentration camps and people that also weren't Nazis? I know that was the really important part, but what was the rest of the world doing about. Because every time when we talk about the holocaust, I always think, "What were my ancestors doing at that time?". The reason for this question is because I'm Asian, if you didn't know that already. It said that they are part of the Aryan race. That means that they are the race that are superior among all the others. One example that you might know of is blond haired people with blue eyes. But what was China doing in the 1940s? (I was not born in China, that is another Rant for later.) Did they have their own communism? Also, what if you were Asian and had Jewish religions? Was that even known back then? And was there anyone like that? I guess I'm kind of glad that my ancestors weren't probably prisoners of the Nazis, but I just wanted to know what they were doing, or even if they knew about the Nazis. They probably did.
Okay, bye.