Empty Black Hole of Nothing

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I have nothing to write about today, nor do I have anything interesting to rant about, so I guess this will just be something random.

Podcasts are amazing. I listen to them most of the time. Psychobabble and Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig. Very explicit, but fun to listen to. Both are YouTubers. Fun Fact: I met Grace in October.

Books I have read recently: 
We Should Hang Out Sometime, by Josh Sundquist, who is also a YouTuber. Very good book. Very nice Very fun. Check it out at your local library today, or don't.
The Haunting of Sunshine girl, by Paige Mckenzie, who is also a YouTuber. This book was made because of a series Paige made on YouTube.

Movies that I need to watch but will probably never have the chance to:
Insurgent-Really late
Cinderella-Really late
If I Stay- I'm really really late on this.

Last week, on average, I read a book a day. Amazing. Cool. Wow.