Success in Secretly Advertising

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I have been wanting to try this for a long time. I wanted to attract people to this blog. But I didn't know how.
I also updated my Genius Hour Blog's theme as well. I think it looks pretty cute with the pictures, like me surfing.:) I wanted people to see what my GHB looked like and this blog. Then AHA! I found it! The way to advertise both my blogs at the same time is to set up a poll so people can visit my GHB!! So today in class, I set up my poll and got ready. By the way, I fixed my GHB yesterday so it said to check out this blog. It said in big letters. Pretty convenient right? So tempting to click it.

Anyways, I told everyone via Edmodo to go and take my poll. People did, of course, out of courtesy. But guess what?? My views went up to 16!!:) That doesn't seem like a lot, but no one ever looks at anything I write. Funny thing is that when I first started, I had 21 views, but it was all from me checking to see if my editing was correct. But the weird thing was that I saw people going on this blog. Then I felt self conscious, like I said in my previous post. I am just extremely happy that people checked it out. I also wanted people to see the pictures too...
If you are reading this in Genius Hour, thank you for checking it out. Maybe you can share this with others? It's really easy Also comment, because I would really like that. Like really really like it.


It's not like I used the poll just to attract viewers. I really needed that info.