3 Most Important Jewelry Items You Need To Own

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Hi. Just so you know, my eyelashes are really long today because I have something wonderful called mascara on. Just thought you wanted to know. No picture included. Today's post will be about the 3 most important jewelry items you need to know. Current time, 10:46pm.

I feel like the watch is the most important thing you can have. Sure, you can check the time on your phone, but what if you can't find your phone? Or you lost it? Or worse yet, you lost it in the pits of darkness of your purse. You can just easily look at your watch it's so simple. And once you start wearing one, it's extremely comforting to have a dead weight on your hand. One of my wishlist watches is a Michael Kors watch and a Marc Jacobs watch. They're super classy and elegant and I especially love the rose gold colors.

The pearl earrings are the most classy sort of things you could wear. It's very elegant and formal and it makes your look very complete. It shows people that you might have this snooty feel to you. It's amazing. I wear my pearl earrings I got when I went to Hawaii and I love them so much. I definitely recommend a pair for anyone who doesn't want to be bothered to change their earrings everyday.


So the last thing is a really nice necklace. A statement necklace goes really well if you're trying to dress up an outfit. It adds statement, obviously, and gives your outfit a pop. Whereas a long necklace can be more casual and it makes your torso seem smaller as well.

I have all of these types of jewelry. They are very effective and I say you go and take a look!

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