Let Me Just Squeeze in

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11:09pm everyone! How are you doing at this lovely time of the day?? I just really need to squeeze this post for blogmas and then I have to go take a nice shower and sleep. And before that I need to study. Life of a student guys. Right here.

I saw this on Twitter, it really helps.

So today I played in a concert for an orchestra that I play in. It's CYSO (Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra). I'm not sure if I mentioned it on here before... But today was out winter concert and I haven't gone to rehearsals for maybe 3 weeks? So yesterday was the dress rehearsal and I didn't go because I had my SAT to take. Don't ask me how I did because I can't tell you. I signed a contract. Maybe I talk about it in 4 weeks when my scores come out. But I missed that rehearsal. And the week before that was thanksgiving break, so we obviously had no rehearsal that week. But the week before THAT week was a snowy day. They sent out an email saying if you didn't want to go, you didn't have to. But that was also the day that I was going to run out of America (not literally) and into Taiwan. So I pretty much used the snow excuse to go on vacation. They'll never know... unless someone is reading from CYSO right now. This is awkward. Oh and I missed more than 2 rehearsals, which is the most you can miss. And that dress rehearsal was also mandatory. I'm such a rebel aren't I?
I've also been looking at some other people's blogs just quite briefly. I haven't done that in so long and it's really refreshing to see other bloggers' blogs. It gave me quite a few ideas for some of my next few blog posts. But for now, all I have time is to give you a run down of my day. Which is nice because now I pretty much have a really nice diary sort of thing to look back on when I grow older for fond memories of my childhood.

That's all for now! It's currently 11:18pm. Which shows you can type a blog post in 9 minutes. It's almost good morning, but for now I say, good night!