First World Problem Rant

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How is every doing today on the 3rd of December? I'm tired but I still have lots to say, let's gooo!!

I'm sure many people know what a first world problem is or FWP. For those of you who don't, a FWP is when someone experiences something that would only happen to people who are privileged. For example, I don't have the newest IPhone and I really like the rose gold color. It is a stupid complaint about things that don't matter in let's say, Africa.

Anyways, I wanted to talk about how privileged we are. Yes me and you. You, because you are reading this with some sort of screen, whether it is a computer or a phone. You have the resources to read my blog because of these electronic devices. Which in turn means you have electricity to power these devices, showing that you have a shelter and a roof over your head. Now these privileges can go to our heads. I know this for sure because I was recently complaining that if my brother was not born, I would have more clothes and things that make me "happy". But there are specific FWP that stick out to me on a daily basis. This is when some of my peers complain about their life. Now these FWP are so extremely ridiculous that they should be a meme.

Side topic: Another FWP is not getting the Christmas presents you wanted. Or not being grateful enough for the presents that you do get.

Another side note: I hate when people brag about their Christmas presents and how much they got. Like how much money they got and holding it out fan style and posting a picture on Instagram. I would be fine with people posting one present they liked, but if your hole room is full of presents and your Christmas tree is submerged in presents, please keep that to yourself. No one wants to see that. And plus for me personally, I feel downgraded because I like to compare myself to others, and what they got vs. what I got.

Going on, FWP is a thing most people have and there is no way of getting rid of it. All everyone needs to do is realize how much they have. This can easily be done by experiencing the lifestyle in third world countries or just simply reading about them on your amazing IPhone 6 that they don't have. Or Samsung, if you use those phones.

But that's it for today's rant. All these opinions are mine and it's a rant. So my mind just keeps going. Appreciate and enjoy today, tomorrow and forever!


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Jadiee Gosh
December 4, 2015 at 2:00 PM delete

wow what a great blogpost !!! can't wait to see more :DDD keep up the great work :D

would love some feedback on my new video

Jade :D

December 5, 2015 at 6:34 PM delete

Really great post and it can be true. If their sharing it on instagram, I personally wouldn't mind, I'd be happy for them. If I was your age, I would see it as inspiration that a life could be lived life this, or it makes for a great photo. Style of how instagram is going, lolls. Please don't take it to heart, always keep going with what you do, it's truly really good. I even read from your first post, wanted to read a blog. And seeing journies is great. Take care always, if this made any sense also. Shall wait until your next blog post :)

Annie Wu
December 5, 2015 at 9:51 PM delete

That's so sweet! Thank you so much!