Someone Motivate Me

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Hi again, on another day at 11:11pm. I wish I could blog earlier. Like literally, I have nothing I need to do for the next two weeks. BUT I WILL FINISH BLOGMAS WHETHER IT KILLS ME OR NOT! Like It's just 6 days of blogging. And then I'll take a well deserved break from my blog. Because will have supplied you with 2 years and 3 months of blogging, if I was going off my schedule of barely blogging once a month.

Update for today: I just got into playing I don't know when this game really started trending, but I'm probably late to it. Have any of you heard of it or played it before? I always end up losing.

Also, I might do a Christmas tree tour like Abi Kelly did on her blog here. It sounds like a fun idea, so thank you for the idea Abi! 

That's it for today, enjoy the next 36 minutes of your day if you live central time.