What's On My Phone?

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Hi everyone! Here is the very much anticipated post this Blogmas!! Okay maybe only by me, but still! And do you want to here something even cooler? IT'S 8:24PM!! Please give a round of applause to this amazing achievement that somehow became what it is now. Let's get going here...


So this app is extremely cute and I pretty much use it for the purpose it was not intended for, if that makes any sense at all in your minds. So this app is called Plant Nanny. You can download it for free on the App Store and Google play. Just as a note, everything here I will be talking about is a free app. This is app is for your motivation to drink water. It takes in your weight and height and uses that information to calculate how much water you need to drink per day. It's really effective because it makes you feel guilty about if you don't keep your plant alive. But I always forget to bring a water bottle to school, so I just water my plants to keep them healthy and looking cute. Maybe this is training camp for when you actually have plants?


This is another app for keeping plants alive. Maybe they're targeting us humans because apparently we feel really guilty when we kill living things. But this app is to keep you off your phone when you need to be. For example I sometimes use this when I'm doing my homework, so I can focus and not touch my phone. The whole point of this app is to a set a timer for how long you study for. YOu set this timer and for however long that is, you cannot exit the app. If you exit the app, you kill the plant, which will inevitably make you feel guilty. Good luck to all the people who will download this, because around 10 minutes into not touching your phone, you will want to google something.

Now you can definitely tell that this is a game. For some reason, I only like games that are somewhat for your brain and cognative abilities. I just feel like they're more fun than virtual games. This game's purpose is to, like it's called, pop the lock. You do this by tapping the screen when a little line hits the dot. It's confusing at first, but you'll get it eventually.

I'm sure all of you have heard of PicCollage before. I just really like using it for collages that I will once in a while make. I've used it to make outfit inspirations, like the screenshot on the left. I've also used it to compare my teeth, when I had braces to when I got them off (not shown). It's very multipurpose and I like them over all the collage makers that I have tried in the past.


Spotify! I love it! Even though I feel bad for the singers that barely get money for people playing their music. But they already make millions right?? But anyways, I like to discover new artists and see what other people are listening to currently. I also get to listen to old music as well.
My current music that I listen to right now:
1. Purpose by Justin Bieber
2. Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana all albums (don't judge me)
3. Mariah Carey Christmas Album
4. Troye Sivan Blue Neighborhood
5. Badlands by Halsey

I also listen to the Spotify Running music. It's Burn by Tiesto. Again, I don't use it for the intended purpose. I listen to it occasionally get me pumped up to do homework. It works.


Anyone can listen to music. I only use this app to listen to Adele and Taylor Swift. That's because neither of their albums are on Spotify. So I bought a hard copy of it and downloaded it onto my phone. I also have some random songs from the Starbucks free something fo the week cards. Does anyone else do that? But one song that I really like from those free songs is Sideways by Wrabel. I don't really listen to his music, in fact I don't at all. I JUST REALLY LIKE THAT SONG. It's really sad though.


Love them so much. Twitter more than Instagram, but still. Everyone one knows what they are. If you are reading this, you know what they are. Twitter you can do anything. Instagram is like Twitter but you can only post pictures and you can't retweet.

But follow me!!
Instagram: auwnnie


Make sure you comment your username down below so I know who you are. I block everyone I don't know just because:)


I'm almost 100% positive not many people know what this app is. I found it on Halloween after many people were talking about it on Twitter. Another reason why you should get Twitter, you get all the good news. But this app lets you take photos all throughout the day. And no one can view them until the next day at 12pm. I really like the concept and it should be more widely promoted than Snapchat in my opinion. I don't have any friends on there, so I just take ugly selfies of myself to entertain me the next day and laugh at myself. It's really funny. My username for that is auwnnie. So if we bloggers want to do something with it, we can!

I'm done! I'm sorry if you're not use to these kind of long posts. If you want to train for future ones, you can read my posts from many months ago. Hey, but I had a lot of time (sort of) on my hands today. And I had to give you guys this post because I promised. Remember, if you download any of these apps, please let me know how it went.

Also comment down below your social media so I can follow you and you can too! Thanks!

By the way, the people who follow me are among the elite. I am very selective on picking my followers. So you guys are lucky because I'm literally inviting you!\

It's 9:21pm. Means it took one hour to write this.