Confidence is Virtue

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I was originally going to post a 14 lessons I have learned in my life, but I decided to do this post and save that one for my birthday.

Just as a warning, this is probably going to be one of my more serious posts, but there might be some slight humor,

You have to be confident. Period. The most fashionable thing you can wear is your confidence. It makes people think you have your life together and that's what you want right? I know that you think your mirror shows you what's there. That's it. But your perspective is different. Is your mirror positioned correctly on the wall. But wait. THAT DOESN'T MATTER Because you are the only one who cares about their body. Think about it, if you are worried about what your body looks like, wouldn't other people be too? That means everyone is too busy worrying about their body to even remotely care about you. Not that your friends don't care about you, they don't care how you look. Unless your friends really suck and you are in a bad situation. Drop them. Drag them. Leave them.

Take a look at this video. It's amazing and exactly what I was talking about. But actually, this video inspired me to write that previous paragraph. It will only take you 2 minutes 32 seconds. Take a break from your homework or something. Stop working. Click play and go.

Have you ever worn an outfit that you think you look bad in? Because I have and I'm sure many have felt this way too. I've recently seen this incident happen just today actually. Stay confident. No one cares. If you feel confident, then don't let anyone stop you. You want to wear a dress today? Do it. I did today and I got many compliments, which totally made my day. You're in your house thinking about how good your outfit looks, and the minute you hit the public it's like BAM. You regret your decision. Why did you decide to take some fashion risks? Because you are have that confidence in you. No one else has done it before, which means you might have that chance of setting a trend. Don't go back and change just to throw on a sweater. Don't throw on a sweater. Own your outfit.

Check out my last post here if you missed it!

That's it for today. I hope all of you reading will at least learn something and contemplate rethinking your rethinking. Be confident and you will be the coolest person in the world.


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