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Hi everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading my posts and commenting this blogmas. I love all of you sososo much. Today will just be a chatty post. I'm going to talk about whatever is going on. This is probably going to go up around 11pm Central Time maybe??? So wherever you are in the world right now, if you're sleeping continue sleeping. But if you want to have some conversations and want to chat with me and feel cozy by the fire with hot chocolate (not literally) we can! Maybe we can get to know each other more! I might create a "Get to know me" tag for all bloggers to participate in! That might be really fun!

How do I plan my outfits? I'm just asking a question here to get something going, don't mind if I do. So if I get something new, like something that is super eccentric, I usually go on Pinterest. I will look up whatever I have, for example "patchwork jeans" and then I'll add "outfit" to the end of that to see what I could pair it with. It works and I find really cute outfits to wear.
What else?? Well now I really want some smores after staring at this fireplace gif. And I want it to be Christmas already. So, our Christmas tree still is up yet... we never really had time to put it up, so I really don't know. I have a mini Christmas tree that I bought last year for Christmas that's in my room though. I made little origami boxes for mini presents. They don't have anything in them though. I got the tree at target and it was really cheap. I'm sure they have more this year as well. The ornaments for it is all blue and I also have mini christmas lights to go with it. I have no idea why I chose blue because my room is half pink and half green. I still like it though.

BLOGMAS BLOGMAS BLOGMAS BLOGMAS. Oh I really want to start a YouTube channel. But I won't. I like blogging. And I feel like every single girl on the planet wants to start a YouTube channel. Nothing against all the fabulous YouTubers out there who work really hard. I love blogging because it's easy in a way. My blog is literally my baby. I have coded my way through a bunch of mess and it took sooo long for it to look like what it is now. I love it. AND I'm still making changes to it. It's a work in progress. Still growing. Like a baby. Ugh. Aspyn Ovard is my inspiration for my blog really. I recently started watching her vlogs with her husband Parker. They are so cute oh my gosh. But it's not good for me to be watching them cause I watch them while I do my homework. 

How does a get to know me tag sound? Would that be good? I already have a 10 things you probably don't know about me post that I have up. It is really popular and people get to know more about you. Also I was thinking about some sort of contest to have on my blog too. I need to look more into it though. Maybe I could do one and send something to one of you guys for Christmas?? I don't know . These are just some running thoughts through my head. What other things could I do on my blog? I could do a blog post on how to design your blog! Oh yeah, and one thing I really want to do to my blog is figure out how to code a grid style for it. It's going to take some research. Which I have already done, but there haven't been any promising results.

I just also want to tell you I normally don't look over my blog posts before posting them. Like literally I don't even check if the spelling is write or anything. The only things that I would change is if blogger had a little squiggly red line under the word. So overlook anything that is wrong this blogmas. I wonder if there is anything else besides blogmas where you have to blog consecutively. I'll have to either find out or make one myself to motivate me to blog more often. I also feel like the need to blog might affect my schoolwork, but I don't think so. Finals are coming up, so the posts might not be as long as this one.

That's all folks! Enjoy this reading of random odd thoughts. I kind of feel like all my blog posts are random things. Its okay though because I'm the author. I'm having conversations down there in the comments, so if you want to comment something to talk about, we can talk about it! I will always reply back to you, no matter how many comments there are. How many can we get on this post I wonder?? Comment away. I hope I don't sound annoying telling you to do all these things. Okay. Now I'm done. Bye!


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Harel Ziv
December 6, 2015 at 7:46 AM delete

I love Aspyn & Parker, their wedding video had me in tears!! I've tried watching YouTube while doing homework, but it doesn't usually work out, lol. So I just snuggle up in my bed after all my work is done and enjoy some videos without worrying about anything else.
I use Pinterest for outfit inspiration, too! I usually search up outfits that correlate with the current season, just to get some inspiration, but searching outfits that match with a new clothing piece/accessory I got is such a great idea! I'll definitely do it next time I go shopping!
I enjoy posts that consist of random thoughts, I've done a couple of those myself. I wish you the best and am looking forward to your next post!

Annie Wu
December 6, 2015 at 11:06 PM delete

I watched their wedding video too and they are adorable! And your YouTube idea is sounds pretty good. I might use that for all my stuff, like Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for commenting Harel! I love your blog my the way!