A Lesson on Educational Lessons

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Hi everyone. Today will be a rather brief and demanding lecture on education because I am really fed up with my finals right now. I still have not taken them yet but they start on Tuesday.

First of all, please study in advance. I know that review packet seems huge and those 100 questions are impossible to answer, but you actually know a lot of the information on there. The rest you can probably google. It’s fine, you still get the same information on google, just like in your textbook.

Please ask for help if you need any help. Ask your teacher questions. They are a better resource than your friends because trust me, your friends are as clueless as you are. At least you’re all in this together? *cues HSM*

Answer the questions you think you know the answer to. If you answer wrong, even better, because then it will become a learning experience and that question you will definitely get right on your test.

Try prepping for your final. That’s all I can say.

This post is more for me as a reflection to look back at for my next final. I need to write this now in the midst of mental-stress so when it is nearing semester 2 finals, I know what to expect and not feel laid back.

Now go get that A (Annie) and others! You have to otherwise your life will crash down like the Roman Empire.


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I'm sure you will do great Annie! Thanks for turning stress into a helpful blog post, it has helped a lot of us!
<3 Catherine