Will I Blogmas??

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Hi everyone! It's finally December! IT'S DECEMBER 1ST!! That means 11 days and counting until finals start for me, 14 days and counting until winter break and 24 days and counting until Christmas!! Who's excited? Anyways, since I was thinking how I haven't blogged in nearly a month, I might do blogmas? Which means I will blog everyday until the day of Christmas. This might be extremely hard because I have other things to do everyday, like homework obviously, but I'll try anyways. Just like back when I used to blog almost everyday, or 3 times a week.

So upcoming posts might include:
Thanksgiving trip w/ pictures
Makeup Routine
Pictures of Chicago
Random Rants
Train of thoughts
Random pictures I took throughout the day

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!


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Harel Ziv
December 1, 2015 at 7:14 PM delete

I'd love to see posts with random pictures. I really enjoy browsing through photographs and can't wait for your Blogmas!